Quality ISO 9001

ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training

CRidenour.com offers internal auditor training which can be customized to your site. The typical training length is two days in duration which includes:

Requirements of ISO 9001

Understanding the Audit Process

Auditing for Effectiveness and Improvement

Auditing Preparation and Skills

Auditing Exercises

Delivering Findings and Writing Audit Reports.

We have worked with several design centers and also offer courses specific to design, or we can modify the course to exclude design if it does not apply to your business. Most of our clients use the audits from the course toward completion of their audit schedule.

System Improvement

Does your ISO 9001 management system no longer meet your business requirements?  Is it outdated, too big or too small? We can work with you to sort through your system and modify your business processes to suit your current needs. We offer half day process owner training and workshop, followed by hands on work with individual process owners to refresh the system and take advantage of current technological opportunities.

Subcontracted Internal Auditing

Are you looking for more depth in your internal audits? Or having difficulties getting the resources to get the audits completed? We can perform internal audits for you. Our assessors are certified professional auditors, and can deliver audits at the level you would normally get from your certification body, while offering the types of advice that they cannot - due to restrictions on consulting by third party auditors.


Distress Business

Have you had major issues in your third party or customer audits that you do not know how to handle? We can work with you to determine causes and solutions to your management system problems, and help you dig out of the hole.